Happy women’s day

Happy women’s day I scream

They wish me back

Applaud ,likes, shares..

Nods to when I say I am strong

Next day forget who I am…

Thinks I am yet another crazy woman

Who shouts for equality

I rebel

I don’t want a day to prove who I am

I don’t want to beg for equality

Why should I?

When I know I am…

This place is mine so as it is yours

I don’t want to shout that

I am proud to be a woman

After all being proud is negative

Blessed to be a woman

I would rather say…

They ask me to change

They my kind

Say adjustment  is key to happy life

Sacrifice identity of love

Giving up your identity opens the door to better life

Being part of him

his life makes you a better wife,better person..

Gives you a better life they say..

So its time you change   yourself

To suit to the laws of nature they say

And I rebel

Screw the laws

Does this key lie with just the women?

I don’t desire  a better life

giving up who I am…

I am a woman and you a man

That’s it..

You don’t scream for equality

And neither do I

Its my right

I don’t want to beg or scream

for what is mine..


last train

She walked aimlessly through the rustic road.The muddy road  twirled and twisted  to uncertainty. The wind howled as if  it had gone crazy . .Occasional beeps of the phone warning her of low  battery added to the insecurity . .It was not the darkness that  she feared but her own kind..