From darkness to light


At the stroke of midnight when half of the world was asleep, Alisha sat besides the window gazing aimlessly into the darkness of the street. She had no mind to enjoy the ravishing beauty of the night. Music from the iPod flooded her ears.She found it hard to control her emotions…Tears refused to escape her eyelashes… Broken pieces of the mirror lay shattered on the floor. She slowly picked up one of the pieces…She checked her reflection…A sense of self-pity ran through her mind… She gave a wry smile at her reflection.

She pressed the piece close to her wrist. A drop of blood fell on her feet…She felt a sudden rush of sense being knocked into her head. No !!! her life was far more dear than the jerk she met on internet…She frantically tore a piece of cloth and tied it on her wrist…She scanned the surroundings. The place has turned into a mess, books thrown down on the floor, mirror pieces, broken vase…Oh dear what will I tell mother? What about the broken mirror and vase. Now I have to cook up some story to convince her…Thought about mother reminded her of the suicide note she left in her parent’s room. She started to panic. Now she has to tip toe to their room to get the letter…And what if she was caught red-handed ??. She would have a hard time convincing them that she had abandoned the idea…The very thought of the status  she had updated minutes ago made her feel giddy . Argh!!!  I wish tomorrow was April first…it would have been easy for me. She cursed him as she tiptoed to her mom’s room…

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