Memories that never fade

“Al check this ,do you know her” dad asked and handed over the newspaper to me. I snatched the paper lazily from him.My eyes stuck on that beautiful picture of hers,her smile added life to that picture as if she was smiling at me..Memories rushed into my head. She was our English teacher and our class teacher in 9th std.. She had a magnetic aura that demanded respect and was one of our favorite teachers Mrs S..She always treated her students equally, there was no partiality (which was the trademark of many of our teachers..not all )..Seeing her black  and white pic in the obituary column made me go back to the old 9th std cozy classroom of our strict military type school.She always inspired us..She used tell stories from her childhood which we used to listen with great interest. She used to annoy me asking  me to wear a bindi (the reason I can’t figure out..and I disliked wearing  bindi and still dislike).  My rusty brain can’t recollect more  .All I remember is that we were  really fond of her and those memories bring  smile on my face..and a warm feeling in my heart..It has been a year since she left us.She died of cancer .. Though she ‘s no more in this world,she will live in our hearts for ever..

Even now I can’t digest the fact that she has left this world and  makes me want to believe that she is living happily in some corner of this world..