stessed out

Each  time when a situation hard to handle occur I behave weirdly…either  I show all my rage ,let go of all the heat burning inside me by yelling,shouting like a 2 yr old with the least bother about what I am others would feel ..or else I would cry to my heart’s content..or I would simply cut  all my connections with the outside world.withdraw myself back into a shell.I always want  things to go by my way,a slight change would either make me mad or depressed..everything is just the extreme.Whenever a problem occurs the 1st option my mind would be choosing is to run away  from that problem instead of facing it; its easy to do so na?

I wish I had the courage to face the problem face to face instead of running away from might not be an enormous no solution issue..but I twist it so bad ,worry ,stress out that ultimately it leaves me shattered ..Now I am in one such situation.. I hardly slept last night ,I kept on tossing and turning..and these nasty thoughts are gonna kill me… i know that it’s me who is making me miserable and I hope penning down these thoughts would make me feel better..