Tune of Silence


The white foamy waves kissed the golden sands whispering secrets that only the beach could hear. Her gaze wandered in search of him.

She  sat there silently,her feet soaked in the sand. All her  eyes searched for  was him..just him. How his brown hair swayed with the wind. The setting sun  adding a red glow to his face.He looked back ,the irregular rows of teeth creating the magic. Each time he smiled ,it lit a million lamps in her  heart. He held his hand out allowing his love to weave her hands into his,the couple creating a silhouette with the setting sun. A pang of jealousy  hit her heart as she saw the couple. She lowered her gaze lost in thoughts with the waves.

In no time she found her eyes searching for him..This time with the burden of guilt in her heart. To her astonishment she found his eyes glued to hers. Their eyes spoke what she couldn’t say for years. Neither the rolling waves nor the  roaring wind could disturb them. Silence  of their gaze spoke louder than the words..

Weekly Writing Challenge:  Silence



She asked him “Do you love me?” with a sprinkle of  hope in her eyes.He smiled.She had asked this question a million  times.May be it was her insecurity that made her pop the same question.She always wished he would whisper those magical words into her ears but he always returned that intoxicating smile.That single smile had many answers.She chose the one she wished to hear and leaned on to his shoulders.