When rain splashes


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Enjoying the rain over a cup of chai and pazham pori (banana fritters)

Rain is pouring down with all its might.. The collector had declared holiday for all schools and colleges  including professional colleges which means that it was yet another holiday for me 🙂   I don’t know whether I am in a happy mood or not ..All I did today was checking Facebook a million times..tried reading some books..:) tried luck with cooking which didn’t go well 😦

Did I say that I am huge chai addict..I am so so addicted to chai that I get severe headaches if  I don’t get my daily dose of chai 😛 I tend to stay sleepy and irritated without my beloved chai..(this was one of my biggest fears when I moved to hostel)

So what do u say..Do you love monsoons or have love hate relationship with the rain like me? ? 🙂


cooking experiments


Cooking is an art. All the good cooks out there  I salute you. I wonder how you mix all those ingredients in correct proportion and miraculously turn them into yummy food .I think God forgot to incorporate the cooking gene when He made me.

I am the kind of person who read  recipes from cook books and net; imagine myself preparing them  and thinks that making food is super easy. But when theory session turns into practical the real trouble begins…The food I prepare never fits into the class ‘edible‘.

I try the same recipes with the exact amount of ingredients but something or the other happens and everything would turn out into one big mess.

So last day I tried my luck with the newly created interest for cooking.A beginner like me should have tried out something easy but I headed  straight for the chicken curry –a person who doesn’t know the ABC of cooking trying luck with chicken . 😀

Image I found this cartoon pic over the net,may be we (me and the poor chicken ) would have looked like this during the process .

With the recipe handed by mom,I started my battle with chicken, onions and all other stuff that I don’t remember exactly  right now. Within an hour or two it turned out into something that resembled sambar.The gravy was somewhat ok but I had added too much spices  and the chicken was floating in the gravy like it had no connection with the curry.I need to say that our kitchen turned out messier than the dish I prepared.  Mom was complaining about the way the kitchen looked after my cooking experiments but she was happy that I the took effort to learn cooking 🙂


Never mind this was the 1st time,next time I will try some basic easy dish and turn it into a huge hit and  oh  yea without making the kitchen messy 😀

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Fathers day


Dear Dad.This is to say that   you are the best dad in this whole world..I am really blessed to have a father like you.I love you more than anyone in this world may be even   more than mom(sorry ma ;))

When the whole world was against me you stood by me,supported me…you always gave priority to my needs..I had even heard bro complaining that u love me more ..(hey that’s not true..bro always uses this statement sentence to win arguments 😉 )

I know that I  am a really bad daughter, never lived upto your expectations.. I always gave you constant worries..my head goes down with guilt at the very thought ..my heart skips a beat when I think that I was the reason behind your tears..sorry dad for being such a terrible daughter .You always loved me unconditionally.(I always wonder how you keep doing it) . You are my super hero my old man (I know how you hate it when i call you old ..and I myself fear  the fact that you are getting old) .. I promise you that from now on i will try my level best to live upto your expectations..You always make me feel like a princess …I love you so much 🙂

I know that I don’t need a particular day to remember you  but still ..Happy Fathers Day dad  🙂

Yours lovingly


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Homesick !!!!!


Argh yes i am suffering from a serious case of HOMESICKNESS!!!!

and the point to be noted is that I am still at my home.confused? I will explain it you guys..

After a few days to be precise 3 days I will move back to my hostel..my holidays are getting over and my class will start by Monday and you can see me whining like a 6 yr old kid on this Monday morning..I don’t want to go to hostel , the very thought is killing me . I am getting that  horrid feeling of being separated -homesickness, even while i am still  at home counting my days at home.

So u might be wondering whether our hostel is such a horrible place ..no no don’t get me wrong..its really fun to be there with all your friends..But my mind is so strange and stupid,while it should be enjoying the coziness of home it thinks about hostileness of the hostel room..cold flooring ,not so pleasing food,strict wardens *cough n all the things that gives a nightmare..(even though there are a handful of good memories and all those noble hearts that tolerate me..really they are so patient with me  )

And while i am in the hostel I long for my home,my mom’s food which otherwise  i would ignore(don’t get me wrong my moms food is really delicious..but umm fast foods- it’s really hard to say no   😉 I think they mix in some stuff  that makes u get addicted)

and my cozy bed ..

A  friend of mine recently commented that it’s high time I get rid of this negative thought..Really? Is missing home  that negative ?

Anyways i am preparing for the stage of adaption..hope I get rid of this evil friend of mine-Homesickness 🙂