Unfulfilled dream

As each drop fell into the heart of earth

I watched silently

admiring the silver strings from heaven.

My mind longed to get drenched

Something held me back

fear or pessimist mind unwilling to change

I gazed and gazed…

until I realized

I was losing…

The courage my mind  gathered gone vain

The rain had already ceased

Time had flapped its wings

Before I could reach out my hands.


Oh I forgot to smile


Do you forget to smile..I do ,yes people it happens attimes..Last day I met one of my school friends,had a small chat with him.I was so happy to see him after a long time. .When I reached home this thought creeped into my  mind ‘Did I smile at him?’

Just kept pondering why did I even think so,where did that thought come from.Did I really not smile at him ? Did I put that sulky face .If so what would have the poor guy thought..When it takes less muscles to wear a smile than to frown then why didn’t I? May be I am stressing my brain too much that it forgets to keep the record..Don’t know why such irrelevant thoughts enter my mind and make me keep wondering –Did I? Did I? Did I? 🙂 🙂

PS : Don’t think that I don’t smile at all ,it’s just that I tend to wonder whether I have smiled or not ? 🙂 🙂

Do laugh and smile like you are crazy..it’s the best medicine ,adds glow to your  face 😉 and brightens the life of everyone around (including you ) 🙂

Yes all these philosophies from the one who wonders whether she smiled or not 🙂

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