What’s in a name

I don’t want to reveal my name here ..Let me tell you each time I write my name in some application form or say my full name; people give me a second look with an  expression what the hell is that name. Not that my name is some tongue twister or out of the  world name but it’s quite long and the spelling is different from how we usually  write it. To be precise about 18 letters ..some of you may have even lengthier names but in our place where most  of  the names are just 5 letter words (say vidya,kavya) 18 letters seem weird .

I still remember those days  during my entrance exam times.We were supposed to fill the application form such that first we had to write the names in columns  and then shade bubbles for each  letter . My friends would complete the entire process within the blink of an eye and I used to sit there darkening ,darkening and darkening the bubbles. That was the time when I really hated my name.

Some of my friends had changed their names  by publishing in gazette..(like Parvathy changed to Hima..don’t know why   she changed her name ) I can’t agree to the idea of changing my name..the name my parents gave with a lot of  love . My middle name is my grandma’s name. The day I was named my grandma died..So some emotions are attached to my name ..some feelings that prick the heart..

Years back I used to quarrel  with my parents complaining about the  name they gave me..how some used to make fun of the lengthiness of my name . Now I love  my name .It’s unique and therefore stays in people’s  mind . Some realization comes later in life..It took time for me to love my name ..By the way my  first name is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘noble lady’..that makes it easier to guess 😆

After all what’s in a name..

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

             – William Shakespeare
This post is as a part of Daily Prompt: Name that… You!