Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

I wish I could read the minds of people. .Not that I am  perfect and talented in every field ,I can’t sing perfectly . My voice is not sweet at all it’s somewhat husky..so  my songs would only please me.. In fact it  may be labelled as noise pollution ..so I don’t dare to sing when some one is around.. 😳  I am a clumsy dancer ..so I should have wished for these talents. During most of the functions in college  I am destined to be among the audience due to the lack of these necessary talents. You know  people admire such talents and the gifted person also . I do!!

If I have a chance to choose 1 talent that I  don’t have then it would be reading people’s mind ..yes and no one has that talent..How cool that would be.. Some people twist my words to what they wish to hear,So  if I can read their minds..then when they start twistiing my views, making different meaning out of them, then I can say ‘Hey stop I dint mean so!..I can confidently give opinions without the fear of what the other person will be thinking of me..(sometime I am too conscious of whether my talks are in some way offending the other person). It would be easier to identify the true face behind that  fake smile..Ofcourse some surprises will be lost..but hey everything comes with a price..Here comes the best ..that guy I have a crush on hahha I can read his mind.. 😆 There can be many more pros for this talent…but at the time my rusty brain gives me only these pros….