Happy new year!!!!!!!


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Happy  new year ! Whoa wait ..don’t raise your  eyebrows. Today  is new year for Keralites according to the Malayalam calendar ..1st day of the Malayalam month  chingam -chingam 1. The day you see temples  being flooded with devotees..the day  considered as auspicious…The day that reminds me that  onam is fast approaching…

Like every other this may  differ from region to region within the state…So here goes my version… The day before chingam 1,you can see people busy cleaning their houses, tidying things..cleaning surroundings. What I did.? just cleaned my room..that single task ate away all my time. 😦 There is also a belief that the entire year depends on how good the new year day was. During my childhood I remember  mom saying  ‘Al be nice ,after all today is new year!!! don’t get into trouble ! ‘(innu onnam theeyathi anu nalla kutti arikanam) ..May be the same dialogue was used by moms all around to keep their kids under control ,atleast for that day. But I think I took it too seriously. Some beliefs grow with us..you see ? So you can see the best of me today 🙂 Also there is an interesting ritual here..(or is it annoying ?) People invite one special person  who they think will bring luck to visit their home. Of course we don’t do it in our  home. I remember the neighbor aunty asking me to visit their home… I am not sure whether I brought any luck to them… 😀

How can I  forget the best part -kaineetam…elders gift the kids with money 🙂 It is considered as blessings (I am not sure whether  I succeeded in explaining that part) Today as I logged in, the blog also gave me its share of ‘kaineetam’– the orange color blinking at the top right  corner  🙂 🙂

In the end it is the dawn of new hopes and prosperity awaiting…That was Al’s version of new year 🙂

So you see we have two new-years 🙂 😀 … Happy new year 🙂 🙂