Drowned in nostalgia

Some smell takes you back…back to your old self you have lost in the path of growing  up.Time turns back and bring those golden moments.

So one of those smells  that  take  me down  the memory  lane is the smell of mud. Weird,funny or disgusting??Does mud smell ?? Yes it does!!! A  rather funny smell.(mud I am  referring here is not the orange brown mud,but the blackish  brown mud from the paddy  fields commonly called ‘cheru’ in Kerala )

Last week  I visited my cousin’s place at Mankombu ,a village in Kerala;where the  green carpets of paddy fields on both the sides of the road gives treat  to your eyes ,where you  can see the nature in its full beauty and for sensitive  noses like me..the smell  of  mud.Aha the smell  of  mud that take me hand in hand to some nostalgic  folds of life..

So you might be wondering what connection  I have with this smell.This smell triggers some childhood  memories..I was in 3rd or 4th std and we were having vacations or some kind of holiday. We kids were taken to attend a marriage at one of my cousin’s maternal home at Kuttanad. Being the pranksters we were ,we skilfully  escaped   from the boring marriage ceremonies and found  ourselves  enjoying in the muddy  paddy-field..My foot suddenly got stuck in the mud and I started  squealing at the top of my throat  “I am drowning” .One of my cousins came forward to help me.He started to pull my leg out of the mud and there I go .. I fell flat into the mud .Mud covering my body  top to toe..I started crying and they were laughing at me instead of pulling me out..(That cousin was in my enemy list  for some  time .)One of the  workers in the neighboring fields literally  scooped  me out of the  mud..I stood there smelling of mud as if I was made of  mud.. my hair in pigtails poking out like two twigs. I could still feel the smell of that  mud which covered me.

I was proudly presented  before my parents who were shocked to see their precious  daughter  covered  in mud and of-course smelled  disgusting. (I don’t find that smell disgusting  anymore ). I was successful in creating a wave of laughter at the place.My peach  little dress no more resembled color peach  .

Though it was embarrassing at the time but now the very memory makes me laugh like a lunatic .Put your hands together for “the smell of mud ” that triggers non-ending chuckles and make people wonder whether I have gone mad…

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