You are an introvert!!!  Mrs SH said to me . I was too busy that day. There was a load to study and I bunked my classes to prepare for the seminar I had to take the same day.. An hour before the seminar AS and I dashed to the  college. It was then I remembered that I had forgotten to collect the report I had submitted to Ms  J. HH (I call her happy hormone because she’s always in high spirits) informed me that Ms J was on leave .So I had to ask Mrs SH for the report papers( Mrs SH and Ms J shared the  same cabin). That was the biggest mistake I have ever done.She gave me a full 30 min lecture on time management phew !! ..She called me introvert..(She hardly knew could she call me so..or she  must be that smart to figure out my little secret). She gave us  examples of our senior who manages her studies as well as home,what not she even told us about IIT students ,how they manage time  perfectly..(how the hell does she know  that?) ,she accused us of being lazy.. All the while me and AS where listening to her patiently..hiding our  frustration 🙄 At the end  Mrs SH concluded that she wont hand us the report !!!!

When we came out of the cabin we saw Ms J walking towards us from the corridor smiling ..She said she would bring us the report..We lost our precious 30 minutes for what could have taken us just 2 minutes..and the burden of the boring lecture  still in our minds..”You are an introvert!!! “ the sentence kept ringing in my ears…

-from yours lovingly

introvert 😀