He held his hands out for her so that she could climb up..She was desperately in need of help.  The situation she was in  badly needed a helping  hand .

But him.  She no-more  trusted him . He broke her trust …again and again .It was all her  fault ..She was the one who was naive, fell into his trap ‘

Just trust me’ he whispered  ..

There was a  clash between ego and brain ..Finally the naive mind decided to trust him again…

just hold  tight to my hand ‘…

Reluctantly  she  placed her hands  into his..He grabbed her hands tightly, pulling her to him …She  looked into his eyes .. She felt as if it sparkled in the  depth . She saw a smile slowly budding in his lips…As if the prey has finally fallen ..

She  freed  her hands from his….falling into the frightening depth of the valley …

Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock