Recharging my life

It has not been very long since my hair had turned into a nightmare. The once fully flourished beauty has now lost its  glory. The once straight silky hair has changed into wavy coils of limp hair….”Oh my!! how come can it change so drastically ?How is that possible? “. These questions literally initiates fumes in my brain. May be the continuous abuse has made it  think “enough of this torture ,it’s time to protest” . And there goes my hair from a head full of silky straight hair to few strands of limp,wavy hair.. 😥

The real issue is the strange way it behaves..Like me it is also a very moody person..Rain makes it upset.It turns into a poofy ball . So my styled hair with a light drizzle magically turns into mess…like the princess turned to frog. I try my level best not to get drenched in rain because my hair hates rain.

When I travel by scooty (of course I put on a helmet) and when I take off the helmet my hair shows multiple personality disorder…The upper part will be smooth and slightly wavy  and weighed down by the helmet ,the lower half will be a frizz I have got some electric shock…Oh poor me have to restyle it again lest I would look like an alien.This is what my ‘not so friendly friends’ say on seeing me..Hey Al!! what happened to your hair? Did you get stuck by lightning?..

I love beaches.I can spent hours and hours there ; enjoying the sparkling waves, feeling that cool wind, waves that alternately kiss my feet..the setting sun..It just mesmerize me ,the whole ambience is just magical.. I love the wind tossing my hair..(makes me feel like a Bollywood heroine 😛 ). But here comes the villain – you guessed it turned to hate-wind that tangles my hair..again making it frizzy.However nothing can stop me from loving the beach..(I guess I was a sea creature in my previous birth..I am so addicted).. After all the merriment reality waits – frizzy hair..

See this image  I found over the net. This is somewhat similar to how my hair ends up after an evening at the beach.. and exactly the same way I feel seeing my hair.


Image source :google

So you see that’s why I wish I could get a recharge for my hair ..turn it back into how it originally was..return its lost beauty. If that’s possible I could enjoy each rain without fearing how my hair would end up later,allow the wind to play with it as much as it wishes..enjoy my evening at the beach not bothered of  my tresses..Let my hair down ,style it as I wish …strike it out from my worry list..enjoy my ride with a big smile on the face and the list continues..

I wish my hair were like Rapunzel’s ..I know I have taken it too far.. 😀

PS: I love sunsilk . It reminds me of good old memories when my hair was so thick that plaiting my hair was a tedious task for my mom..(remember the pink sunsilk?)

PS 2: My hair is upset that I described it with limp, wavy and such not so pleasing words. It also feels that I have exaggerated my hair woes and wants to say that it’s not as bald and bad as I have described. It seriously wishes that it gets a recharge. 🙂

This post  is as a part of Sunsilk’s Recharge your life Recharge your hair contest.