What are you?

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I watched as the evening rain washed the old library building in a vain attempt to make it look brand new.Loneliness certainly does not depend on the number of people near you. At times I feel lonely even when I am among a bunch of people.Now I am all alone in this room and I guess I am happy.Loneliness is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it’s outside this locked window on which I am trying to draw a smiley.The foggy glass pane made it a better canvas for my sketches and my hot breaths through my lips the eraser. I kept drawing the smileys changing their happy smiles to frowns then to smiles.

After all what is he? Sometimes he makes me  feel that I am the most important person in his life.Some times I don’t even exist for him.There are days when he makes me feel like a princess.There are days when my smile never gets returned,he walks past as if I have turned invisible.And that makes me wonder..”Do I even know him enough..”. After all who is he? friend or stranger?

I watched as his car drove into the front yard. He walked towards me.My mind started the battle …should I smile or not? Who am I today? the princess or the invisible? My eyes kept repeating the question “What are you?” as he slowly walked towards me.




Image courtesy : Google

Image courtesy : Google

All I meant was fun

to laugh together

weird to the outside world

that was our language

words made of love

gestures weaved from heart

how wrong I was

my words never read

my voice unto the deaf ears

misunderstood lay my gestures

I realize I was wrong

All I meant was fun

A broken heart I ended up with



My eyes search around

The faces once I trust

no more  found..

Desperate I am

goes after each.

Hoping to see smiles once were mine

But  those faces ,my trust not anymore

My friends turned to foes

In the speck of time the world around me changed

The ignorant eyes desperately searching

for what once was mine

Not realizing the clock has changed ..

Again the clock turns around

Back to the same place

What once were  mine still mine

Friends turned foes back to friends

My mind stay  confused

My eyes blink to thoughts

What are they?

Trust or broken promises

Time ticks on

so does life…

In hope of  new happy moments…

My heart  sinks when  the clock goes round once more

A hope that once lost would be back mine forever…