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Not  your looks

but the powerful words I fell in love with…

Your words,they shot a thousand spears in my heart

made my world standstill

Neither was I aware of the dawn

nor the setting sun

It was just that moment when my heart stopped

Choked was my breath

A lump in my heart I felt

Your words dragged me to a world I thought never did exist

dragged me to you..

All the years of love I thought

just a fantasy.

for now I know how love feels like

Worldly pleasures I chased after

I knew a fool I was and love a child’s play

for now I realize what passion is..

I find my soul flying to heaven

weightless it feel

for your soul now my wings..

I fear to call this love

My heart fails to feel

but my soul does…

I don’t call you my love

for you are the forbidden fruit..

– Al