The starry night never looked so beautiful . It looked like diamonds scattered on  dark blanket. Her eyes twinkled brighter than those shiny stars. She walked through the abandoned pavement , her steps never so strong. She always hated her golden prison. And now she thought it’s time to set her free.

DP: Fifty



Back from dead

Waking up from the dead and watching how life unfolded without you.. Is your lover remarried? Is your mother over your loss and likewise.

It was indeed a long sleep..How long had I been sleeping? Where am I? I slept in the open? Is this a graveyard? I shrieked. The shriek  felt strange I thought. How did I end up here..I read my name on the gravestone. My name artistically carved on with some poem that didn’t make sense to me or didn’t relate to me..

And then light of memory hit me..It is my grave..I remembered the way I suddenly fell on the road, crowd flocking around. No one dared to come forward and touch me,take me to the hospital. I could just hear the murmurings,some sympathizing me.What were they wondering? What were they trying to see? A reality show of how someone gradually let the soul leave their body.

Then some stranger pushed aside the crowd and came near me..Lifted me up..The crowd warned him not to get into trouble.He gave a deaf ear to them.Then we traveled to the hospital I guess..That’s all I remember.

I should perhaps run back to my home..They might be shattered on losing me..It feels like it has been years since I saw my family. I dashed to my home. I didn’t find dad at the sit-out reading newspaper. For the past 20+ years this was his routine in the mornings..May be my death has changed him. I expected a large portrait of mine in living room but to my astonishment a family portrait hung on the wall..We four..bright and happy smiling,hugging each other.  At least now they should have given me some priority I frowned..

I walked in..I didn’t find anyone..I walked into the dining room. Oh its breakfast time. It felt strange..Our breakfasts were never silent.They sat around the table..Four plates neatly placed.Why four? They are only three.

“Mom She loves this dal curry..Serve some more” I heard my brother saying. I saw my Mom loading my plate with  my favorite dish. No she didn’t cry but her eyes looked swollen as if there were no tears left. Dad ate in silence.He looked much older and different.

That is when I understood why my photo wasn’t hanged on the wall like it was normally  done after people die. They didn’t want to believe that I was dead..

Lunch box


Arav smiled with his eyes closed ,enjoying the aroma of the chicken curry and roti  from the lunchbox that he held in his hands.

“You are the most awesome friend I have “ he  said hugging  her.

Just because I brought you these ?

“No because you  gave me the key to some  beautiful memories ,reminded me  of my mom “ he said licking the curry off his fingers.

“Aww someone is getting emotional “she  hugged him back with a smile that said I knew it.

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Birthday cake

Mama when do we cut the cake? I asked impatiently.

When all the guests arrive . She replied.

Mama it’s already 6 .Why are they late..May be they wont be coming..Let’s start the celebrations. Ok let’s wait for another 10 minutes .. After all birthday girl shouldn’t be selfish. On one condition ; I get that yellow rose on the top of the cake..

She smiled nodding her head. I know she might be thinking  that I haven’t grown up yet.

Finally!! I sighed when I saw people  swarming in.. How punctual!! I frowned..

I smiled with the birthday cap on head and knife ready in one hand…I saw mom smiling at the cake . She might have noticed the missing yellow flower in the middle and the imprints of my fingers on the cake..

Daily Prompt: Shake it Up

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The sun rays added a golden glow to her leathery skin and hair as she sat near the pavement,the groceries placed in front of her.

“I told you not to sit in front of my shop and ruin my business” shouted the shopkeeper ,his face red with rage.

“Now you pick this trash and leave or I will throw this onto the road “ he threatened  her almost throwing the things .

She picked up her things with  teary eyes searching for a place to set up her small shop .The things he called trash was what could buy her daily bread.

100 Words on Saturday

Five Sentence Fiction – Sunshine


Tune of Silence


The white foamy waves kissed the golden sands whispering secrets that only the beach could hear. Her gaze wandered in search of him.

She  sat there silently,her feet soaked in the sand. All her  eyes searched for  was him..just him. How his brown hair swayed with the wind. The setting sun  adding a red glow to his face.He looked back ,the irregular rows of teeth creating the magic. Each time he smiled ,it lit a million lamps in her  heart. He held his hand out allowing his love to weave her hands into his,the couple creating a silhouette with the setting sun. A pang of jealousy  hit her heart as she saw the couple. She lowered her gaze lost in thoughts with the waves.

In no time she found her eyes searching for him..This time with the burden of guilt in her heart. To her astonishment she found his eyes glued to hers. Their eyes spoke what she couldn’t say for years. Neither the rolling waves nor the  roaring wind could disturb them. Silence  of their gaze spoke louder than the words..

Weekly Writing Challenge:  Silence

The First Attempt


‘First aid box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle case. Check.’ 

She repeated again. She ran her fingers over the knife, her hands shivering while doing so. ‘Check Check Check‘  She repeated again..She was about to do the first surgery in her life.. Unfortunately her patient was in the situation because of her. She put on the spectacles, pressed it on to her nose  which made her look like a geek.  ‘Perhaps I should take him to hospital‘. But her overconfidence pushed aside the thought. Slowly she moved the knife nearer to the wound. Gathering all the courage, she  tried to pop the metal out of the wound..The blood gushing out of the wound ruined her first attempt in surgery. She felt her head spinning.Within minutes she was down on the floor…When she finally regained her senses her first ever patient had already escaped…

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