Sunaina plugged the earphones hard into her ears. One could easily read  from her face that she was in a disturbed mood.She tried hard to concentrate .She pretended deeply involved in the book she was reading.  Sunaina!!! is   there anything wrong look upset  asked Ragini.She literally had to shake her to gain her attention.

What’s it? Cant you see that I am busy..snapped Sunaina.

Are you ok?

What’s wrong with me? and she plugged the earphones back into her ears. Her thoughts flew back to the prank her friends played with her. She fell in love with a virtual friend.She typed messages day and night to her unknown friend . Slowly she started developing interest in him.She fell in love with a stranger she have never met..Yes she knew that it was stupid of her to do so..but some how she couldn’t resist.She felt as if he could read her mind..could understand  words unspoken..Then one day she realized the bitter truth..her love was no one ..but a silly prank  played by her  friends .They played with her emotions .

Sorry dear!! That was just a joke.We just wanted to show you how naive you are !!!!..they gave her tight group hug…

The story ended for them..but the thought that she had made a fool of herself was killing her,disturbing her once peaceful mind. She had already forgiven them but it was impossible to get rid of the thought..Some thoughts are like that; come uninvited …hard to get rid off. The cost she had to pay for that silly prank was her peace of mind.

She gulped the cough syrup from the bottle which was lying on the table..On a second thought  took one more sip..She have heard that some cough syrups  induce sleep.She hated taking sleeping pills .It would make her dizzy for many hours even  after waking up.She covered her face with the blanket , shut  her  eyes tightly  hoping to fall into sleep any moment ..

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