Kiss of freedom

Kiss of love.The news everywhere.The media happy to have got a hot repeat the same scenes over and over case any one missed them.I really don’t understand what is wrong with kissing…As if no one had done it before. Ok in public! It becomes a crime,against our culture says some pure souls.I wonder what were they thinking. We live in a democratic country..there is a thing called right to have ones own personal morals,beliefs, does display of affection becomes against our culture. It’s ridiculous when the thoughts get so narrowminded. It’s shocking that the protesters were arrested before the a campaign actually started..that too in a state were strikes would be declared for any  silly incident.

Live and let live is my motto.I don’t know whether these moral policing is for our culture like they say.I wonder where these people are hiding when a women gets molested,abused,leered ,eveteased.I have personally witnessed molestation and I was one mad lady shouting for justice while others where sitting back and relaxing.Oh I am sorry May be that includes in our culture..or may be they rise into action when a girl and boy hold hands together.I am confused.

Don’t throw stones at me I too have the freedom of speech and opinion but I am a girl.Does it make any difference?I don’t know..


A healthy child makes a happy home

We were so excited that day. All the bags were packed.Everything was set.Within few hours we will set out for the trip to Nelliyampathi.That was when sis-in law came and said Minnu is not well..what to do now? The excitement in the air soon gave way to a dull tense mood.

Minnu is my niece.She is full of life, gifted to cheer everyone with her cute smile.And her pranks ,oh my she can be a pain in the ass 🙂 The whole family is addicted to her I should say.She talks non stop and her tone sounds similar to a popular cartoon character which usually makes me laugh like I have gone crazy.I could easily spend  hours listening to her baby chat 🙂

When we realized that she was was like we were robbed of the air we breathe.Soon we forgot about the trip and rushed her to the family doctor.After examining her,Dr raised concern about her immunity as she was falling sick often these days.

That day the word ‘immunity’ stuck like a lightning into my brain.Yes these days our super energetic champ was falling sick frequently.What could be the cause? Minnu being the youngest of the family,each of her wishes were granted without a second thought.Many a time she would prefer having junk food ,chocolates,ice creams instead of the nutritious food prepared by her mum. No one wanted to see a sad Minnu and would gift her with chocolates much to the despise of my mom who has the theory that ” the food prepared at home are best for kids and all the fast foods are laden with chemicals”. Eventhough she was a busy working mom,she always made sure we ate homely prepared food. But in case of Minnu no one wanted to make her sad.

And let me now say Minnu is perfectly healthy and has super immune system now. 🙂 Touchwood. The credit goes to Dabur Chyawanprash. The best part is that she finds it yummy and her aunt (me of course) also finds it totally yummy 🙂

How Dabur Chyawanaprash helped


Chyawanprash, a time-tested, age-old formulation has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi), known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and has more than 40 other natural ingredients

Dabur Chyawanprash has anti-oxidant properties and helps to strengthen your body’s internal defence mechanism – the immune system – thereby protecting you from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc.

Dabur Chyawanprash’s magnificent brew of Ayurvedic herbs strengthens the body’s natural defence mechanism by stimulating your NK cells* (Natural Killer Cells). NK cells assist in fighting with virus and bacteria in your body, thus giving us increased immunity from various infections .

Recent scientific studies conducted on Dabur Chyawanprash have proven its immunomodulatory and anti-allergic potential.

Minnu has turned naughtier these days.She is bored of seeing me type this post for the past 30 minutes and is trying to irritate me by running her little fingers over the keyboard and typing random letters  in between .Thanks Dabur Chyawanprash!! Credit goes to you. 🙂


This post is as a part of Daburs immuneIndia challenge.


Like a dream it was

I wish I could say

The stars in those eyes

alien to me

little did I know

the colors in those eyes

be my dream.

the tune of your heart

my hymn..

I fear the day I lose you

I fear the moment

when I question why I breath

I wish we were strangers again

like the day we met

dreamy eyes mystery to me..

Our eyes never locked

I wish.

never would have been the same

you and me..

you fade away

in the morning mist

leaving me behind…

I wish we never met..

we were strangers..

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TEN THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU DIE or else you would feel like a loser on a death bed?

My wishlist may seem weird to some.Its ok this how I am 🙂 here is my wishlist and this list will go on changing with time..fickle minded person I am 🙂

  1. Travel the world  umm to atleast some places in world ALONE
    I have heard people saying that when you travel solo,you start discovering a new world and a new you!! Being a girl I don’t know whether this wish of mine will ever become true? “Being a girl? huh? ” Lame excuse !!!
  2. Sea diving
    I admit that this came into wishlist after watching the movie ZNMD. If it  felt so amazing watching those underwater scenes,how good it will be to experience it.But before that I must learn swimming. So that surely finds a way into the list.
  3. Learn to swim
  4. Sky diving
    I am scared of heights to an extent.but somehow I fancy this idea.
  5. To contribute to a social cause and bring smiles to atleast few faces.
  6. To be known by name (if that makes any sense)
    Even after I die I want to be known by my having your own identity.
  7. To publish my own book
    That sounds a distant dream.I dont even know whether I am qualified to be called a writer  but feels good at the very thought.
  8. Ride a bike
    I don’t know how to explain that but I love the idea of a night bike ride.
  9. to make my parents proud of me
  10. get drunk
    Ok this may sound weird.But seriously I have never had tasted any kind of alcohol in my entire life.One of friends recently looked at me like I am some alien and muttering “never? never?” in utter disbelief. So this one is not a dream ..but something I felt like noting down when I thought “what if I am going to die next day?”My list is a never ending one.. like go for hot air balloon ride, confess to N that once I loved him,kayaking..n the list goes on ,changing with time   😛

Another Random Post 2

I am not a social person I guess.To be clear I always feel that I don’t fit in this world. Though I usually spent (waste) a reasonable part of my time on social networking sites..I feel even that space is alien to me. When 99% of my friends find content in posting photos, updating statuses saying simple routine things like having coffee at so n so place, selfies,group selfies …I wonder how boring my life is and that it doesn’t make any sense.I wonder what I have done in life and where it is taking me. I envy on how cool my friends lives are when the only difference between them and me is that I do pretty much the same things but never bother to take pics or update status.May be I am the odd one out. I feel that I am trying to be someone else if I do things like that. It s not so like me.I have blindly fixed some standards for me and just sticks on to that.Not at all cool.

Sometimes I try to get completely detached by deactivating my account.However since I think I am sort of addicted ,end up activating it again. I tried that again this morning and like you have guessed my account is active again after few hours. phew!! hopeless!!

Another Random Post

These days I am experiencing a mix of emotions, like at one moment I feel I am the happiest person on earth,next instant I feel terrible,hopeless and otherwise relaxed which is best of the lot where it feels like I am trying to figure out who I am or what I am. I wish I could have started the post on a cheerful note like..Hello my dears!! I missed this place so much.It feels good to be back n all but there is something about this space that I usually turn to it to throw away my emotional baggage.

Past few months I have come in terms with the fact that this life is yours and you shouldn’t expect anything from anyone. Another word that haunted me these days was “trust”. Should i trust him? or her..I started doubting everyone ..I dint want my poor heart to be shattered.

One of my friends gave me a preach on what is life without expectation,hope,trust.Poor guy he didn’t even realize that I was talking about him. I am just scared to get too close to people. I would get possessive and addicted and can’t even imagine how I will react when the same person breaks your trust. So I chose the safe option never get close to anyone..pretty bad option when all I want is to be with them.

What more? hmm We had an intercollege fest in our college..a grand one..And I ended up sitting lazily at home with an excuse ‘None of my friends are how will I?’ I get sick of myself,my so-called attitude when all my heart wanted was to enjoy the fest.pity on me!! Yeah I pity myself how I am not lucky enough to have fun in life,knowing that all it prevents me from having fun is myself.

Recently I love being with this guy,our friendship is growing slowly n like usual I don’t trust him enough. I can read from his eyes that he is attracted to me and strangely I get possessive for him.I hate  it when he ignores me purposely.Yes he does that sometimes,if what I could read from his eyes are correct. Don’t tell me I am in love with him..he is remotely related to the kind of guy I will fall in love with (if someone like that exists). If S is reading this post I am positive that he ll get that I am talking about him. 🙂

Our campus recruitments  are going on. I have successfully attended 2 such placements which obviously I couldn’t get through, partly because of my lack of interest. First interview was kinda hilarious.The reason I wasnt hired was my answer to their simple question.”Do you like to code during your free time? “They might be hearing a NO for  an answer for the first time.They looked at each other for sometime.and that explains it all.Anyways I wasn’t interested in the firm at the time as I heard many bad reviews about them.But after 2 interviews I feel that I should have taken it bit more seriously.I doubt whether I would get placed somewhere.But its ok .everything in life happens for a reason 🙂

That’s it..I hope to write more often.It feels good as I always say 🙂


I turn into this blog when I feel emotionally low…most of the times and now the situation is no different.I don’t even know why I am feeling low. I daydream.dream something..weave a story in my head expect everyone to act accordingly..Of course that is not going to happen and that leaves me in a shattered state . Everyone has their own lives and I am no one to plan how they should behave. Yeah I am kinda nuts who get excited within a snap of fingers and gets depressed as quickly. Now I am in that depressed state for no reason. I have loads to study and I don’t even bother to flick a page of my book. Instead I am busy wondering he shouldn’t have said that ,why doesn’t he care for me? why did she say that to me? All these stupid thoughts and I feel like saying to myself ‘Go get a life!!! ‘

Enough of the rubbish..what I meant was that I am feeling lonely.May be it’s high time I should find someone for me.Someone who pampers and tolerates my childish egos…

By the way I had to quit the A-z challenge.. May be next time..hopefully..