The lie you called was my way of

shielding my privacy.

My silence nothing but

to quench the thirst of my soul..

What I cherished as solitude

drummed as loneliness in your ears..

When I lay awake in the middle of a moonless night

Wondering about the unexplained truth of my existence

You think me as  a mere ‘body’ craving for your touch..



There we go

Against the wind

Relishing the moment

Deaf to the whistles of the wind

We are different we howl..

Knowing the truth we aren’t

We hold hands

Together we will conquer

we whisper in each others ears..

The truth grins at our face

waiting for the current to part our hands..


I have thoughts brimming out of my heart

But I fear what others think I am

I have stringed the words for the crowd

But I fear what others think I am

My words are dancing at the tip of my tongue

But I fear what others think I am

My eyes cherish a dream

But I fear what others think I am

My steps know my destination

But I fear what others think I am

I know who stands in my path

The fear what others think  I am.

Why should I when it’s me who lives my life?




The branches swayed

swirled by the roaring wind

Like  witch in fury

Her hair in all directions

flashing her magic wand

her secret weapon shining

cracking the sky into pieces

Showered by  silver lines

cooling the fury

Droplets from heaven

soaking the heart of earth

flowers bowed

Checking her fury

golden light peeked in

flaunting a fresh new earth…

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All I meant was fun

to laugh together

weird to the outside world

that was our language

words made of love

gestures weaved from heart

how wrong I was

my words never read

my voice unto the deaf ears

misunderstood lay my gestures

I realize I was wrong

All I meant was fun

A broken heart I ended up with



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They walked hand in hand

The dark alley never so inviting

Moon peeping from

among the dark clouds..

flickering street light

painting shadows ahead..

They watched the shadows

turning into one…

Darkness never to reveal the greys…

The clock never ticked

they wished..

The distances they covered

never tiring

love defying age..

The shadows hand in hand

being one

till the morning rays faded them…

DP challenge: Poetry

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Losing a part of your heart pains

memories prick hard

till it wounds and bleed

again and again it hurts…

Now again

I fear

I will lose another part of my heart

the one which I held close

treasured more than my life..

I stare above

with a teary eye

searching for Him

the invisible

You love my tears I know…