Absolute Beauty

She looked for a long into the mirror.She found herself resembling  a porcelain doll,the false lashes adding seduction to her eyes.She admired the way she looked perfect..beautiful like a film star. But somehow she felt her skin calling for a breath behind the layers of makeup.She hated it that she had to go through routine torture of shaping her eyebrows,stripping off all  unwanted hair of her legs. That’s what everyone expected of her..being like a lady. Why is it that she is trying to be like how others want to see her?
A tissue was all that she needed to take away the junk out of her face.Once again she looked at herself in the mirror.Now she felt as if she finally saw herself in it..not any filmstar or any beautiful stranger.She loved the way how her dusky skin looked with the fading scars and spots.She thought it added a strange beauty..an identity to her face.She walked with heads high ignoring the whispers of the crowd..afterall when it was her heart that was calling her beautiful how does those whispers even matter?

DP:Absolute beauty






 Why is it that you always choose a dark theme for your paintings he asked as he watched her dab some more black. After all what is darkness?she tried to sound as if lost in thoughts. It is the ultimate truth of life and there is an inviting beauty in the color black..He walked away pondering how mysterious she always sounded. A faint smile curved on her face as she thought of the philosophical statement she just made.

7 th floor


wowbadgeIt happened suddenly.The light started flickering. It reminded of some horror movie..All the lights blinking and going dim like they have gone crazy. It was  already late..may be I was the last soul to leave the office. After a hectic day at work I was about to leave for home. When I reached the lift all these drama started. Should I enter the lift? What if the lift fails? What if  I  get trapped in ?

I stood there for a moment thinking ‘should I or should I not’ when the lights went out. That left me one lonely soul in pitch darkness.I quickly fished into the bag trying to find my phone. The lights from the phone gave me the feeling of finding an oasis in the middle of a desert. Perfect timing. My phone beeped  ‘battery low’ and died silently transporting me back from the oasis to pitch black darkness where seeing my own feet was a tedious task .

I saw a light approaching me from distance..yes light from a phone…For a moment I felt thankful to see another human soul. Next moment the negative thinker of my mind woke up. Who could it be? As far as I know everyone had left. I shuddered as my mind weaved  scary stories. I shooed it away and took few deep breaths..calm!! calm!!  I whispered to my mind. I saw the figure approaching me. And then like a miracle lights came. I saw him. A man, may be in his early twenties. No he doesn’t work here. I have never seen him before..May be new appointment.

He smiled at me . I kept staring at him literally with mouths open. Find your manners !!!  My brain shouted to my mind . I smiled back like an idiot. I pressed the lift buttons trying to hide the embarrassment. Not again !!! out of order for the nth time this month. Had I been alone I would have kicked those doors to let go off my frustration. But now someone was with me so I behaved like a ahem ‘ well behaved’ lady.

Guess we have to take the stairs..He said in calm tone.

Yeah..I smiled. Again like an idiot.

He smiled to himself. Even a small kid could read from my face that I have developed a liking for him.

Falling in love with someone whom you just met? The reasonable part of my mind queried to my brain.

I watched him as we walked to the stairs. Noticing each feature..His hair was curly brown and occasionally he ran his fingers through them. His eyes brown and the smile was something that bowled me over at the first sight. I watched him walking down the steps.

Are you not coming?

Yes again I had acted weird. I was standing there at the top of the staircase watching him dumbly as he took his steps down.

‘Yeah’ I said in low pitch.

All these years whenever the lift died..I would whine how all my energy was wasted climbing down these steps. But today it felt good. We walked sharing glances at times.  He would wait for me when I got slow. And I walked with the same stupid smile plastered on my face. He smiled at times to himself and to me. It felt like I could walk a thousand miles with him. Yes I was head over heels in love with a man I just met.

When we finally reached the ground floor the watchman came walking to us.

Why isn’t the lift not working? I tried to sound angry.

But Madam the lift is working fine. He replied confused.

Eh? Now I was the one who stood there confused.

But it wasn’t working when we checked. isn’t it? I turned back.

Where is he? He was nowhere to be found. Where did he go? I wondered.

Then my phone rang startling me..Wasn’t this supposed to be dead ?

Who was he? I didn’t even ask his name!!!

That was the first time and the last time I saw  him  !!


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You finish filing your work and are ready to leave for home. As soon as you reach the lift, the lights in the building go off. What happens next?









The starry night never looked so beautiful . It looked like diamonds scattered on  dark blanket. Her eyes twinkled brighter than those shiny stars. She walked through the abandoned pavement , her steps never so strong. She always hated her golden prison. And now she thought it’s time to set her free.

DP: Fifty


Back from dead

Waking up from the dead and watching how life unfolded without you.. Is your lover remarried? Is your mother over your loss and likewise.

It was indeed a long sleep..How long had I been sleeping? Where am I? I slept in the open? Is this a graveyard? I shrieked. The shriek  felt strange I thought. How did I end up here..I read my name on the gravestone. My name artistically carved on with some poem that didn’t make sense to me or didn’t relate to me..

And then light of memory hit me..It is my grave..I remembered the way I suddenly fell on the road, crowd flocking around. No one dared to come forward and touch me,take me to the hospital. I could just hear the murmurings,some sympathizing me.What were they wondering? What were they trying to see? A reality show of how someone gradually let the soul leave their body.

Then some stranger pushed aside the crowd and came near me..Lifted me up..The crowd warned him not to get into trouble.He gave a deaf ear to them.Then we traveled to the hospital I guess..That’s all I remember.

I should perhaps run back to my home..They might be shattered on losing me..It feels like it has been years since I saw my family. I dashed to my home. I didn’t find dad at the sit-out reading newspaper. For the past 20+ years this was his routine in the mornings..May be my death has changed him. I expected a large portrait of mine in living room but to my astonishment a family portrait hung on the wall..We four..bright and happy smiling,hugging each other.  At least now they should have given me some priority I frowned..

I walked in..I didn’t find anyone..I walked into the dining room. Oh its breakfast time. It felt strange..Our breakfasts were never silent.They sat around the table..Four plates neatly placed.Why four? They are only three.

“Mom She loves this dal curry..Serve some more” I heard my brother saying. I saw my Mom loading my plate with  my favorite dish. No she didn’t cry but her eyes looked swollen as if there were no tears left. Dad ate in silence.He looked much older and different.

That is when I understood why my photo wasn’t hanged on the wall like it was normally  done after people die. They didn’t want to believe that I was dead..