Uninvited memories from past

Today I happened to see a picture of two of my classmates on facebook. They are my mutual friends.I don’t have any explanation for why none of my school friends(read except  2 of my bffs) are my  fb friends.The reason may finally come round as mere ego.I think I have mentioned in this blog about my failed attempt in medical entrance test and I ended up in a confusing ,uninvited world of computer programming.Most of my school friends are either doctors or engineers and may be the ego that I haven’t reached anywhere in life is bugging me and that may be the reason I shut myself away from them.May be I found my life would be less miserable (to be frank it isn’t that bad 🙂 ) if I stay away from them. Not everything happens as we wish.The picture brought back every single drop of ego,jealousy,self sympathy that laid burried in my heart to life.I wish I was less addicted to this stupid fb ,then I wouldn’t have seen that picture.By the way the pic was awesome,the 2 people I mentioned were getting married n they looked so cute together.I should have been happy for them,instead  I turned green with envy.It’s high time that I grow up.Though I always keep saying I have grown out of that phase and will never let my past torture my present,I must confess that some memories still remain which I should throw out of my heart as soon as possible.I think it is highly necessary that I should let go off the past that I can no more change. I wrote this with a hope that I would feel better or else I will come back with another rant or set of jumbled words that I call ‘poem’.May God give you guys enough strength to tolerate my posts.

With love



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