Kiss of freedom

Kiss of love.The news everywhere.The media happy to have got a hot repeat the same scenes over and over case any one missed them.I really don’t understand what is wrong with kissing…As if no one had done it before. Ok in public! It becomes a crime,against our culture says some pure souls.I wonder what were they thinking. We live in a democratic country..there is a thing called right to have ones own personal morals,beliefs, does display of affection becomes against our culture. It’s ridiculous when the thoughts get so narrowminded. It’s shocking that the protesters were arrested before the a campaign actually started..that too in a state were strikes would be declared for any  silly incident.

Live and let live is my motto.I don’t know whether these moral policing is for our culture like they say.I wonder where these people are hiding when a women gets molested,abused,leered ,eveteased.I have personally witnessed molestation and I was one mad lady shouting for justice while others where sitting back and relaxing.Oh I am sorry May be that includes in our culture..or may be they rise into action when a girl and boy hold hands together.I am confused.

Don’t throw stones at me I too have the freedom of speech and opinion but I am a girl.Does it make any difference?I don’t know..


Love to hear from you

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