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TEN THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU DIE or else you would feel like a loser on a death bed?

My wishlist may seem weird to some.Its ok this how I am 🙂 here is my wishlist and this list will go on changing with time..fickle minded person I am 🙂

  1. Travel the world  umm to atleast some places in world ALONE
    I have heard people saying that when you travel solo,you start discovering a new world and a new you!! Being a girl I don’t know whether this wish of mine will ever become true? “Being a girl? huh? ” Lame excuse !!!
  2. Sea diving
    I admit that this came into wishlist after watching the movie ZNMD. If it  felt so amazing watching those underwater scenes,how good it will be to experience it.But before that I must learn swimming. So that surely finds a way into the list.
  3. Learn to swim
  4. Sky diving
    I am scared of heights to an extent.but somehow I fancy this idea.
  5. To contribute to a social cause and bring smiles to atleast few faces.
  6. To be known by name (if that makes any sense)
    Even after I die I want to be known by my  name..like having your own identity.
  7. To publish my own book
    That sounds a distant dream.I dont even know whether I am qualified to be called a writer  but feels good at the very thought.
  8. Ride a bike
    I don’t know how to explain that but I love the idea of a night bike ride.
  9. to make my parents proud of me
  10. get drunk
    Ok this may sound weird.But seriously I have never had tasted any kind of alcohol in my entire life.One of friends recently looked at me like I am some alien and muttering “never? never?” in utter disbelief. So this one is not a dream ..but something I felt like noting down when I thought “what if I am going to die next day?”My list is a never ending one.. like go for hot air balloon ride, confess to N that once I loved him,kayaking..n the list goes on ,changing with time   😛


  1. I don’t have a bucket list..But, while reading your list, just found that how similar is our thinking in first 5 wishes…and finally, except 7 and 10, I love to do all from this list…Chasing each one by one…Travelling the world slowly, going for sea-diving courses next month, learning swimming these days..sky diving is my next passion..just rode the bike across Western Rajasthan..you listed all my dreams in your wishlist. 🙂

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