Another Random Post 2

I am not a social person I guess.To be clear I always feel that I don’t fit in this world. Though I usually spent (waste) a reasonable part of my time on social networking sites..I feel even that space is alien to me. When 99% of my friends find content in posting photos, updating statuses saying simple routine things like having coffee at so n so place, selfies,group selfies …I wonder how boring my life is and that it doesn’t make any sense.I wonder what I have done in life and where it is taking me. I envy on how cool my friends lives are when the only difference between them and me is that I do pretty much the same things but never bother to take pics or update status.May be I am the odd one out. I feel that I am trying to be someone else if I do things like that. It s not so like me.I have blindly fixed some standards for me and just sticks on to that.Not at all cool.

Sometimes I try to get completely detached by deactivating my account.However since I think I am sort of addicted ,end up activating it again. I tried that again this morning and like you have guessed my account is active again after few hours. phew!! hopeless!!


3 thoughts on “Another Random Post 2

  1. hey.. Its been a while since I went through ur blog. Happy to see that there are people who still are as confused as me. Its like we have everything but we own nothing.. like missing something in life. But I believe waiting for something to happen is a waste. We got to get out for it. Atleast thats my plan. 🙂 Anyways keep writing… (Y)

    • Happy!!! huh? 😀
      And I too think that waiting for some miracle to happen is a waste!! 🙂 you wait n wait and nothing interesting why not make it happen yourself.
      I guess you might be busy with work that you stopped blogging.

      • I am busy these days. But I know, that wudn’t stop anyone from blogging. I am going through a buffer stage of my life. Doing nothing other than work :D. NO contemplations. No dreams. Just kind of living in present. I am enjoying it though. Every now and then I think about my blog and something to write. But then It just slips away. I will be back. U just keep writing and Inspire lazy bloggers like me… 😀

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