What are you?

Image courtesy : Google

Image courtesy : Google

I watched as the evening rain washed the old library building in a vain attempt to make it look brand new.Loneliness certainly does not depend on the number of people near you. At times I feel lonely even when I am among a bunch of people.Now I am all alone in this room and I guess I am happy.Loneliness is nowhere to be found. Perhaps it’s outside this locked window on which I am trying to draw a smiley.The foggy glass pane made it a better canvas for my sketches and my hot breaths through my lips the eraser. I kept drawing the smileys changing their happy smiles to frowns then to smiles.

After all what is he? Sometimes he makes me  feel that I am the most important person in his life.Some times I don’t even exist for him.There are days when he makes me feel like a princess.There are days when my smile never gets returned,he walks past as if I have turned invisible.And that makes me wonder..”Do I even know him enough..”. After all who is he? friend or stranger?

I watched as his car drove into the front yard. He walked towards me.My mind started the battle …should I smile or not? Who am I today? the princess or the invisible? My eyes kept repeating the question “What are you?” as he slowly walked towards me.



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