Will you stop that ? You guys would get hurt!!   I scowled.

The thirty year old ‘kid’ looked at me  with a question ‘What is wrong with you? ‘ in his eyes.

He was the sea monster and the kids ‘fishes’ trying to escape. They played their characters so well turning my living room into a mess.

The kids crept out of the pillow and hid behind their dad.

May be now I looked more like a monster to them rather than their mom. I smiled  hiding the  guilt that I spoiled all the fun. May be I have grown too old.

 Friday fiction



8 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Children are only young once as they say, but it’s fun to pretend sometimes when you’re grown. Lovely story of a parent who joins in the fun. Mom needs to worry less and hopefully has learned. Well done. 🙂

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