Quintet of Radiance Award

Another award for my humble blog 😉 Quintet of Radiance Award!!!!..

Thanks a lot Dhwanis from There and Their 🙂 for sending this love ,brightening my day 🙂

 how does this award work?

1. Display the logo in a post

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.

3, Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or a phrase.

4. Nominate at least few bloggers.

abc-award most-influential-blogger 20140326-181135 sunshine-award versatile-blogger-nominations


Describing yourself  in words from A-Z. Oh my !! I never thought this could be so hard 🙂

A- Artistic

B- book worm

C- creative

D- dreamer

E- Easy going

F- Forgive but never forget

G-  giving,genuine

H- honest

I- Intelligent,imaginative

J- just

K- kind 😉

L- loyal,lazy

M-movie freak

N- naive

O- optimistic ,original




S- sensitive


U- unpredictable



X-xtremly short tempered

Y- young always 😉

Z- zero when expressing emotions

My nominations:


Tale of two tomatoes


She speaks a little too much


-Al 🙂


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