I turn into this blog when I feel emotionally low…most of the times and now the situation is no different.I don’t even know why I am feeling low. I daydream.dream something..weave a story in my head expect everyone to act accordingly..Of course that is not going to happen and that leaves me in a shattered state . Everyone has their own lives and I am no one to plan how they should behave. Yeah I am kinda nuts who get excited within a snap of fingers and gets depressed as quickly. Now I am in that depressed state for no reason. I have loads to study and I don’t even bother to flick a page of my book. Instead I am busy wondering he shouldn’t have said that ,why doesn’t he care for me? why did she say that to me? All these stupid thoughts and I feel like saying to myself ‘Go get a life!!! ‘

Enough of the rubbish..what I meant was that I am feeling lonely.May be it’s high time I should find someone for me.Someone who pampers and tolerates my childish egos…

By the way I had to quit the A-z challenge.. May be next time..hopefully..



6 thoughts on “Mmmm…..

  1. A big hug Dandelion!

    It happens sometimes..esp when there is truck loads to study. We just let our minds wander more then ever during the crisis study times only. Exams lurking around the corner, is it?

  2. Hey darling… it happens…on’t take things to heart! Keep going with the flow. I was wondering why you weren’t putting anything up for the AtoZ. It would’ve definitely helped you take things off. But no worry. Just be happy. Lots of love……

  3. Dont keep worrying too much Dandelion. I don’t think if I’m the apt person to say that to you .. because Im in the same boat. Same same stuff in my mind. But maybe thats why I could tell you that things wont work themselves out.. You have to just close your eyes and let it go. You ll be much more happier! cheer up 🙂

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