Back from dead

Waking up from the dead and watching how life unfolded without you.. Is your lover remarried? Is your mother over your loss and likewise.

It was indeed a long sleep..How long had I been sleeping? Where am I? I slept in the open? Is this a graveyard? I shrieked. The shriek  felt strange I thought. How did I end up here..I read my name on the gravestone. My name artistically carved on with some poem that didn’t make sense to me or didn’t relate to me..

And then light of memory hit me..It is my grave..I remembered the way I suddenly fell on the road, crowd flocking around. No one dared to come forward and touch me,take me to the hospital. I could just hear the murmurings,some sympathizing me.What were they wondering? What were they trying to see? A reality show of how someone gradually let the soul leave their body.

Then some stranger pushed aside the crowd and came near me..Lifted me up..The crowd warned him not to get into trouble.He gave a deaf ear to them.Then we traveled to the hospital I guess..That’s all I remember.

I should perhaps run back to my home..They might be shattered on losing me..It feels like it has been years since I saw my family. I dashed to my home. I didn’t find dad at the sit-out reading newspaper. For the past 20+ years this was his routine in the mornings..May be my death has changed him. I expected a large portrait of mine in living room but to my astonishment a family portrait hung on the wall..We four..bright and happy smiling,hugging each other.  At least now they should have given me some priority I frowned..

I walked in..I didn’t find anyone..I walked into the dining room. Oh its breakfast time. It felt strange..Our breakfasts were never silent.They sat around the table..Four plates neatly placed.Why four? They are only three.

“Mom She loves this dal curry..Serve some more” I heard my brother saying. I saw my Mom loading my plate with  my favorite dish. No she didn’t cry but her eyes looked swollen as if there were no tears left. Dad ate in silence.He looked much older and different.

That is when I understood why my photo wasn’t hanged on the wall like it was normally  done after people die. They didn’t want to believe that I was dead..


10 thoughts on “Back from dead

  1. I am moved to tears…. Well-expressed.
    True that no one wants to help during accidents as people don’t want to get into ‘trouble’. Yet timely help & attendance would save lives…

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