Miss Neglected

Hello !!! Let me introduce myself. My name  was Miss Amazing. Yes  ‘was’ instead of ‘is’ because  my name has changed. I will tell you the story of  how my name changed.

I still  remember the day when we met. She was squealing with joy when she saw me for the first time. It was her Dad who introduced me to her. How bright and excited her face was that day..When she held me close to her I heard her heart pounding in excitement.She sang praises of me all day.That is how we became friends.

She introduced me to her friends with pride. She called me Miss amazing. She would remind me of how beautiful our combo was. Those happy memories. I remember each and every moment like it happened yesterday. She took me with her wherever she went or I should say I always accompanied her..I stood by her whether it  be day, night,storm, rain,dusty wind. Nothing could come in our way. We were inseparable.

It was like we couldn’t live without each other.It would be better to say I thought so until I lost my other half. The day I realized it was not about us;it was just her. From that day on I became  the Miss neglected – the anklet who lies in this chest  unattended,unadmired.

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I wish one day she would wear me on her feet and admire how beautiful I look,take me to lands never seen. I dream knowing that this dream will  never come true.

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