Birthday cake

Mama when do we cut the cake? I asked impatiently.

When all the guests arrive . She replied.

Mama it’s already 6 .Why are they late..May be they wont be coming..Let’s start the celebrations. Ok let’s wait for another 10 minutes .. After all birthday girl shouldn’t be selfish. On one condition ; I get that yellow rose on the top of the cake..

She smiled nodding her head. I know she might be thinking  that I haven’t grown up yet.

Finally!! I sighed when I saw people  swarming in.. How punctual!! I frowned..

I smiled with the birthday cap on head and knife ready in one hand…I saw mom smiling at the cake . She might have noticed the missing yellow flower in the middle and the imprints of my fingers on the cake..

Daily Prompt: Shake it Up

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9 thoughts on “Birthday cake

  1. Aww.. so cute 🙂 I still love to “book” the “roses” present on top of the cakes- whether b’day, Christmas or New yr- that rose is by default mine!! 😦 Missing those days!!
    Let me think what I was doing on my 12th!!

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