Condition Serious Hai

Some people are more serious than they should be.They tend to think in one perspective…whether it be a fun event,wedding or meeting,the  reaction is always the same ..the serious straight face..Need examples ??? I have plenty…

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Our maths professor for instance.Mrs S brings our maths class to an environment that is a mix of being at the borders where war is at the peak plus that at a funeral. I have never seen her smile.We literally hold our breath for the entire hour. The whole ambiance is so tense..

At the very first day she gave 3 valuable rules for the class..


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There were several other rules by default..No smiling,talking in the class and so on…By chance you get lost in some thoughts you are the luckiest person to get the full attention of Mrs S…

Don’t ask me whether I am still studying at school…I am an unfortunate pg student living the life of a school kid…

If  Mrs  S was less serious what would have happened? ..We might  have enjoyed our classes better..Her being serious did us no good in fact did more harm..Most of us couldn’t even attend the class with full heart. So why be serious if the other way round could do a better job..Thankfully we got back our breath as Mrs S had to teach us for just one semester…

I am not going to whine about all serious people here and make this post serious like Mrs S ‘s class..There are some others who know how to light up others life.. Like  seriousness , happiness is more contagious..Recently I met a bunch of such people at a funeral..Yes at the little brother(cousin)’s  funeral…They were so warm and were trying their best to cheer up the family. Though it’s highly inappropriate to laugh and say jokes in such a situation but it meant a lot for the family reviving from the deep shock…These people are from the said cousin’s paternal side.They were also equally upset as we were.. perhaps more; but they knew that his family needs a push to move on in life. So they just hid their sorrow and tried to spread love and happiness..Though the wounds could never be healed..for a moment their infectious smiles made us forget our loss…He was equally dear to them …They could have joined us mourning our loss but they chose the other path..cheering us back to life.. And I must say it did help to an extend..

So why be serious ..seriousness is contiguous so is happiness.Why not take the better one and spread smiles around.. 🙂

PS: The first two pictures are taken from google and the last one from Cadbury 5 star fb page…

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