Do you believe in horoscopes? I don’t…No!! not completely..When someone (read :some crazy astrologer) tells of some great amazing stuff that I would achieve in life..then for that moment I would wish it were true..A sudden belief sprouts from nowhere..Of course it would vanish with the same pace..Summing up I would say I don’t believe in it.

Once someone told me that my horoscope it says that  I am a talented singer..I almost offended him my laughing my heart out..I am not even a bathroom singer..How could I not end up laughing like a maniac … 😀

*** *** **    **** ******** ***** ******** ***** ******* ***** **** ******   ***** ******

My brother got engaged to the girl he loves..Since it was “love cum forced arranged marriage”. (I would prefer to call it so as my family including my extended family was against the marriage. Then my parents agreed coz they didn’t want their son to turn into ‘Devdas’ 😆 )the horoscope matching got postponed ..and both horoscopes got checked after the  engagement..Don’t ask me why..Everything is going upside down at my home for the past few months.. So where were we …yeah and the horoscopes unfortunately didn’t match…According to me that was not a big deal .. Then they said the most horrible thing that was hard for me to digest..”If these two jathakams(horoscope) s get married the groom will die..”Damn !!!

Now if you tell me what’s the deal after all  you don’t believe in such nonsense”.

I would think twice.Here my brother’s life is at stake.. So Do I believe? I guess I do..I can’t risk his life.

What am I going to do about it? Absolutely nothing..clueless..We cant call off the wedding as engagement is over..and my bro is adamant that he will marry the girl even if it costs his life..

See how my views changed? We just believe in what we want to..


My close friend R ..Her parents had love she decided to go for an arranged one..(I don’t know why!! She gave some stupid reason..which unfortunately didn’t get into my head). She got a proposal from their family friend B. Gradually they got closer and were in love..Now comes the villain-horoscope.Their horoscopes  doesn’t match..Finding this R called of the marriage but B still loves her..Really? that’s it? Where did all the love go? 

Another friend S is also in the same situation. But she is one strong-willed girl who blindly believes in this stuff but is ready to take the challenge….

My take on these? It’s hearts that should match!!! I am such a hypocrite!!!!!!!!

See depending on the situations our beliefs can change..

Do you believe in such things? Is this just to satisfy people who wants to runaway from their problems…who doesn’t believe in themselves and wants a backing that everything will be alright..


One thought on “TO BELIEVE OR NOT TO

  1. I feel sorry for your brother! When my cousin had the same problem, he went to the astrologer’s house and sat with some poison kinda thing and threatened he would die if he didnt get married to the person. To prove the reverse might also prove disastrous. He is happily married now except for the strict rules of his wife to wear headgears and all that yada yada yada.

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