Argh!! I am feeling so lonely ..And I don’t know why..There is no particular reason.With a house full of people I feel empty inside.Trust me its the worst feeling..I switched on the tv hoping it would find me some relief. Negative .Sadly not a single show catches my attention. Then I moved on to fb..where I  usually spent hour even when I promise myself it wouldn’t take long. Strangely it fails to amuse me. All my dear ones are online  and I am in no mood to talk with them..It feels like I have lost something..but no I haven’t…and this loneliness is killing me…I know this post is nothing but trash..but I feel that I would feel better after writing this down..thanks for tolerating and reading patiently.

– Al

Edit: oops this was my 50th post (that’s what wordpress told me just now)..and again I posted something uninspiring.


4 thoughts on “LONELY

  1. Loneliness is part of life!! There is nobody who hasn’t experienced that!! Just take that time to be with yourself and do something which amuses you!! I used to read and listen to “fullon” songs!! 🙂 🙂

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