Politics and me are poles apart. I have voted totally two times  in my life. All those times I hated standing in the never ending long queue ; waiting impatiently to cast my vote at the polling booth. I would sulk around saying what is the point in casting the vote when I don’t believe in the whole system and would complain that all these politicians are corrupt.The actual reason for this ‘zero commitment’ to the country was ‘pure laziness’ . My lame excuses were never taken seriously.My family didn’t want me to turn out into a socially irresponsible person.So I was always asked to exercise my right  to vote..But those long queues always made it worse..

I have really wished for some way by which we could cast our votes  sitting at home, like some social mobile application that would allow us to enter our votes. The user may be prompted to enter the voter id ,username ,password to authenticate themselves. Then he/she can vote selecting the desired option. Once a person has done voting , the same voter id cannot be used again. Oh my if such a system exits imagine how wide its scope is.(mainly for lazy people like me). Many people like me find travelling to the polling booth and waiting in queues to be a tedious task. Ok  just ignore the laziness part,think how helpful it would be to the disabled. I have seen many disabled and elderly people being carried to  the polling booth. If these apps can be implemented  for voting it would simplify the voting process for them and it can also save our precious  time. After all in this busy world  who has time to spend waiting for hours.It can be  a boon to the busy new generation.

If proper security and protection is ensured ,it has the potential to prevent electoral frauds ,proxy votes  to an extend. People of certain remote areas need to travel kilometers to reach the polling station and with technology in hand all it costs is the click of a button or  a tap of your finger. Don’t tell me that not everyone has access to technology..Majority of the people own a mobile phone, so no additional technologies are required. I forgot to mention one important positives of using social mobile apps to mark your vote..they wont design your nails. Last two times when I voted ,they stained my nail . They poured too much ink that  it even stained my favorite dress.Now that’s an added bonus ..these apps will never never never stain your nails 🙂

So what do you think about voting using social mobile apps ? 🙂

Ps: This post is as a part of  wechat’s contest in Indiblogger


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