I’m back

Hello everyone..just wanted to say that I haven’t abandoned this place. It has been quite a long time ..huh?..”I was really busy and was seriously into my studies ..such a studious person I am.”. If I say  these  that would be a big lie..I was just lazy..so so lazy…Many times I thought I should scribble down something to assure that my blog is still alive..I am not the only person who should be blamed for ignoring my blog..one culprit is my laptop ..It was behaving strangely …like when I type ‘d’ it would give me” ]d” and certain keys gave absolutely nothing..Days after it gave me warning signals..I ignored.. and then one day  my poor baby(laptop) died 😥 ..So you know that’s why I was absent from this space 😀

I really missed this space.It’s time to sit down and read all brilliant posts from my favorite bloggers. 🙂 and yes aarya  had nominated me for some award :D..but ignorant me doesn’t know what I am supposed to do.. 😆 . It’s ok.. let it be…Hey Aarya thanks dear 🙂

This post was supposed to be published on Christmas so that I could start over again by wishing all of you a Merry Christmas..But as usual postponed it.So let me now wish you all a Happy New Year in advance 🙂


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