The afternoon sun shot its   heat waves on  his tanned forehead ..His hair bleached by the sun , shirt turned grey, covered with mud all over, so were his trousers . It was like he were made of dirt..mud covering him from head to toe . He held his hand towards the car window, jingling  the coins in his hand. A pair of eyes with  disgust beaming through it threw a coin into his little hands.He hurriedly picked up  the coin from the road and stood there looking  longingly at the opposite restaurant ..He counted the coins carefully and lowered his gaze ,for all he wanted was the luxury to feed his hunger.

PS: This is just a  fictional  post..I don’t support child begging by any means.

Daily Prompt: Luxurious


11 thoughts on “LUXURY

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  10. For some a meal a day is luxury. But we need such constant reminders to start counting our blessings and stop ranting on trivial things like the tea wasn’t strong enough! But then that is human nature 🙂

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