What would have been my life if it was the other way? The decision that changed my life. Sometime  when I am all by myself,when  loneliness creeps in ; my mind wonders what  a different life it would have been  had  I chose the other option ? Instead of sitting glued to  the computer  screen scratching my head hard writing programs ,I would have been busy treating some patients. Yes what an  entirely different live it would have been. Although these thoughts are least relevant at this point of time but they are the uninvited guests of my mind.

I chose to quit one of the prestigious courses for a reason that sounded stupid to many – homesickness and many other reasons which I can’t figure out right now. I don’t know …I always take impulsive decisions and stubbornly stick on to  them(I know that it’s really stupid of me but I  can’t help). My ability to adjust to changes was really poor at that time (I think I have improved a lot now). That’s how I chose to quit and opted for CS. I wonder what made me choose that. You see both the courses lie in different poles 😆

I don’t know  whether I regret it or not… after all it was my decision and I have moved on in  life ,at least that’s what I think. There are some who doesn’t want me to think so..They want to make to me feel that I am a loser, want me to regret …

Whenever I visit my mom’s house ,it s like a custom for some aunties in the neighborhood to pester me ,asking ” Aren’t  you the one who was supposed to be a doctor?”,”What on the earth made you take that decision” . I just feel like shouting back “Thank you for reminding me or were you checking whether your memory is still fine , yes aunty it is in good condition“. My relatives are  no different . Sometime they let out a deep sigh.. “See where destiny has taken should have stuck to that course .”,”You would have been a doctor by now” . I don’t know what they want..Don’t they understand I have moved on in life ..loving my life the way it is. What’s the point in clinging to the past .I can’t go back and change my decision now..May be they are genuinely concerned about me..But they fail to understand that constantly reminding me of my past doesn’t bring back anything ..

I don’t know whether I regret but I agree that life would have been  different 🙂

I can write pages about this topic  but some how I prefer making my posts short.. I feel exhausted after writing a few paragraphs.  I think this post has broken that record ..

This post is as a part of Daily Prompt: Regrets, I’ve Had a Few



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  12. I can relate to this a lot. I would need a separate post to write about the educational and career options and choices I took. Sometimes I regret, but then I just leave behind those thoughts and move on with what I have got.

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  14. Hi Dandelionsinwind, I have experienced it before. I can relate to what u are saying. I believe here the real villain is not the society but the guilty feeling in oneself. But now I know the trick to overcome it. One has to Consciously let it go. I stress the word consciously. If u tell urself its okay, u will feel much better I guess. Life doesn’t come with a guidebook and mistakes do happen. Afterall I believe life is all about letting go of many things that u love and want and how elegantly U do it. So Its okay buddy. Do smile and enjoy !!! Cheers to this crazy life … 🙂

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