From shadows to clouds

You don’t even  care for me ..I am tired of living with you.You never keep track  of our know what? you don’t love me anymore.She unfolded the pressed cloths and started folding them again.The 4  yr old watched bewildered with his puppy eyes alternating between papa and mamma.. confused why his mamma was shouting as he can see that in between a smile flashes   on her face which she finds hard to control.

I’ll be back in a minute..

What? she exclaimed.

Will be back soon luv and smiled at her.

She watched  as he drove off in his bike..

He saw a truck speeding, taking rough turns.He stopped his bike taking a safe corner by the road to avoid  any chance of an accident ..Lights flashed making him blind.He could see blood oozing out of his head mixing with the cake pieces shattered on the road.He could hear some vague unfamiliar voices describing how drunk the truck driver was,debating who was responsible .He wished someone bothered to take him to the hospital.

She sat there like stone statue holding the velvet box close to her heart cursing the moment she said those damned words “I am tired of living with you”

PS:This is partly inspired from the accident which took place in the neighborhood.

Please don’t drink and drive .You might be risking yours as well as some innocent life and the same time shattering some  hearts..


3 thoughts on “From shadows to clouds

  1. I just read a phrase in the road!! saying!! don’t mix drink and drive!!! how apt!! what a clear thinking!!I wish the soul rest in peace!!!

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