My Facebook page is getting flooded with tricolor  that announce love for the country, statuses that say of their love for India ,how proud we are being Indians…profile picture being changed to Indian flags.. tricolor filling everywhere .Being an Indian I feel proud seeing these..obviously that’s how each of us feel…

But is that it? Dedicating a day to show how much  you love your country and purposely forgetting the next day..

All these posts from those who found that some potholes here resembled Indian map. How sarcastic!! (But that was one sad truth…Am I being double faced??). The picture portraying the kid selling flags on streets disturbs my mind…Along with wishing independence, doesn’t that indirectly point toward poverty. Does it? Some desperate hearts for like and comments they get…Whom am I blaming??Who doesn’t love being noticed? Even I do .The new generation of India!! (No not everyone) Am I different?  No!!  I don’t understand politics or am I pretending so. The only thing that comes in my mind when I think of politics is of corruption. May be it’s my ignorance.

Have I done anything for my nation?? As I post this I realize that I am no different, love for my nation confined to these words. Does my duty being a citizen of India end here? Or does it begin here?

All the freedom fighters who struggled for the freedom of this great nation, gave their lives  for the country, all the soldiers serving  the nation, each and every soul whose love for India doesn’t merely exist in their hearts but also in their lives…I bow before you…Jai Hind!!

The cliched Happy independence day to one and all of you…


6 thoughts on “BEING INDIAN

  1. What you have expressed is the bitter truth. There are many things in life that we do it as a ritual, a ceremony or tradition. This is just one such day. People who have love express it by their deeds and not just by words. Unfortunately politicians are also not to be blamed for we are the one who either choose them or do not vote at all. Materialistic life and greed has invaded our lives and hence we have no time for introspection. We cannot change the world. The only thing we can do is change ourselves as much as we can.

  2. ‘each and every soul whose love for India doesn’t merely exist in their hearts but also in their lives…I bow before you…Jai Hind!!’ just loved it…exactly my thoughts DIW 🙂
    Happy Independence Day !!

  3. Your Post says it all..Dedicating only one day to our Motherland is not enough and everyone should understand it..
    Wishing Happy Independence Day is not going to solve all our problem,we must take a stand for our problems..Basically we Indians are with a “Chalta hai” attitude and such things does nothing good to our Country..We must once and for all change ourselves for the betterment of this country….
    I am saying all these because I have made a promise to myself to atleast do something good for this country no matter how small it is and I am definitely doing my bit at least I can say that..

    I am Proud to be an Indian not for one day but forever.. 🙂

  4. I find it sad that for most people, celebrating Independence Day is just posting a couple of tricolor-themed photos on Facebook, before running off to one of the numerous I-Day ‘parties’ in hotels and pubs. It’s funny how the only thing many people know about our freedom struggle is that Gandhiji and Nehru were involved in it.

  5. Our biggest problem is corruption by our own leaders on whom we placed our trust.
    Feel helpless at times. Happy Independence Day greetings to you!

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