My eyes stumbled  on a picture he posted on Facebook..Man what on the earth makes you click such mind-blowing pictures..As I went through each pic I felt as if I was stalking him. I see a picture of him with his friends having the best time of their life and  can’t stop thinking that he has turned into a handsome guy..A tinge of jealousy flashed through my mind .I ignored the pic without pressing like ..Something held me back from doing so..Each time I saw something posted by him ,be a pic,a status update or those notes which made me think “I never knew this guy was so talented why don’t he try blogging (even I tried my hand..although I flood the place with crappy posts) he would have got millions of fans “may be he owns one.and its me  who has zero knowledge about it.So where were we ,though I loved everything he posted I never bothered to appreciate.May be the big fat ugly ego!!

I knew him since my childhood.I disliked him right from the childhood for reason which I can’t figure out..Each and everything he did used to annoy me(reason unknown) He wore a golden bracelet on his hand which during regular intervals would be displayed by vigorous shaking of his hands as if to adjust it ; which triggered non stop silent giggles for me and my cousin and we used to call him Mr show off .The tag is still bestowed on him .He used to annoy me calling my nickname/pet name(nick name for I disliked it and would end up in a fight with the person who calls it) which my brother used to call me.and he would knock on my head lightly  as if showing affection.To my disbelief he still does these offending acts whenever he sees me.Whenever I am around he would sing songs loudly as if he knew that I disliked hearing him sing..why I don’t know!! He sang pretty well and those were my favorites also but then I find myself starting to dislike the song.His perfume makes me sick.Whenever he is around I ignore him. I put on a I don’t care face but would be watching him secretly.Whenever he see me he smiles warmly at me for which I return my cold smile.. He’ s now miles and miles away from here ,living his life ..I haven’t seen him for years now..and still the unknown dislike exists..

May be I envy him..he’ s now living the life I dreamt about.. wandering the world as if he has no roots on life as if each moment was his last.These could be the last things I could do. I am too much dependent  ,bound to the chain of relations.It’s like a caged bird envying the other who is rising high in the sky flapping its way through freedom.


2 thoughts on “FOR REASONS I DONT KNOW

  1. What is it girl 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 who knows what will stand for us in future 🙂 may be a day you will be roaming more than him while he will be trapped 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

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