Through the eye of doubt

He was taking his routine stroll through the park.He was a middle-aged man stepping into his old age.Most of the lifestyle diseases(or should we call it disease of the rich) befriended him and had their share to give.Walking was one free medicine his doctor prescribed for him along with other dozen tablets which weighted more than his food.He used to hate walking but it somehow became  part of his life .Now that he enjoys it ..and makes sure he never misses it,the feeling of mind turning back to youth,the beaming smiles of everyone around,warm wishes,and kids who scream at the top of their voices “Uncle G” with an added bonus of their innocent smile.

He stumbled  upon something,and almost tripped down. There was a bag..He looked around to check whether anyone was searching for  it.No one.Whose could it be.What is in it? Should I open it..It’s unsafe to open abandoned bags.He walked a few steps,asked a few whether it was theirs  .Negative.

Should I open it? what if I find some clue as whom does it belong to .When he opened he was shocked to find a handsome sum of money and gold ornaments in it. Oh that’s terrible !! some poor chap must have lost it.He caught glimpse of a visiting card.He fished for his specs and his brand new mobile.He never understood why he had to switch his loyal old friend for this new phone.but his daughter insisted.He carefully tapped the number from the card and  pressed the green.

Hello.I am..

Who’s this ?whom do you want?..wrong number!!  A rather arrogant female voice acknowledged from the other end.

Hello?Hello?  The call was disconnected.

He was taken aback.He was trying to help but mistaken as some jerk who found pleasure  calling strangers.But at least she could have listened to what I had to say.Never mind.

He redialed the number.


What do you want?.  .I told you its wrong number.She sounded furious.

Wait a sec. Will you please bother to listen to what I have to say.I found a bag with a visiting card having this number.

The woman exclaimed in surprise. OMG it’s my husband’s .He lost it today morning and has searched it everywhere. Her voice filled with joy..

An hour later her husband called and enquired where he should come to collect his bag.

He gave his address and asked him to meet at his home.

Back at his home he sat in his long armchair listening to his grandson reading out a story aloud.The story that emphasized  on trust among fellow humans.He heaved a sigh and smiled at the kid.


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