Fear .I fear the exact word.I constantly fear about the health of my parents though they are perfectly fine.I fear getting separated.I fear that someday all my dear ones would leave me.I fear they would get hurt .. I don’t know from where these negative thoughts have perched into my head. I get scared when a random stranger stares at me.(staring should be considered a crime..God I feel so uncomfortable when someone continuously stares πŸ™„ )

I know that I haven’t grown too old to burden my head with these weird thoughts..(does that actually have a connection with growing old? I don’t know). Now I even fear that these fears would actually turn me nuts..make my hair go grey..may be bald after pulling them out of stress πŸ˜† It is high time I start facing my fears and move on in life (self note πŸ™‚ )


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