When rain splashes


image courtesy :kichencorner.blogspot.com

Enjoying the rain over a cup of chai and pazham pori (banana fritters)

Rain is pouring down with all its might.. The collector had declared holiday for all schools and colleges  including professional colleges which means that it was yet another holiday for me 🙂   I don’t know whether I am in a happy mood or not ..All I did today was checking Facebook a million times..tried reading some books..:) tried luck with cooking which didn’t go well 😦

Did I say that I am huge chai addict..I am so so addicted to chai that I get severe headaches if  I don’t get my daily dose of chai 😛 I tend to stay sleepy and irritated without my beloved chai..(this was one of my biggest fears when I moved to hostel)

So what do u say..Do you love monsoons or have love hate relationship with the rain like me? ? 🙂


4 thoughts on “When rain splashes

  1. rain I love provided I must stay indoor 🙂 🙂 going away for work is like running on a sunday night to office 😦 😦 tea!! I wish I have it always!!! I love tea too 🙂 🙂 provided my craze go to peak if it is a ginger tea and elachi tea 🙂 aroma hmmmm is something which steals my heart 🙂 🙂

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