So today was a special day..special day means birthday of one of my coolest friends..Have you ever heard of a girl shaving her head to get rid of dandruff..yes she did..When hair was considered as beauty parameter( it still is)  ,she walked proudly showing her shining head.We  loved to run our hands over her head ,the tiny new hairs creating tingling sensation on our hands and she must have hated us for that..:) Now her hair has grown back but I think she looked  adorable in that boycut hairstyle 😉

She puts on a plain kurta and jeans and manages to look the most stylish person on the earth..not the tom boyish kind but bold and beautiful..I think she had many fans for the same reason..She is the most genuine person I have ever met..each time I have a conversation with her I find myself filled with positive energy (she might be laughing her heart out reading this)

She was one among the few friends who  stood by me during bad times(that was the time when i realized who my real friends were). There are times I wished I were like her-take life as it comes..no worries about future..tension free life(may be she has her own share of tensions atleast she doesn’t express it)

She would kill me for all these ramblings ..so praying  that  she celebrates many more( let it be 100+) b’days and seriously hoping that she will tie knot with her love this year(they are having some issues..you know how love marriages are in India)

Enough of the ramblings ..I am stuffing this blog with emotional posts 🙂


Love to hear from you

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