But sir I knew the answer

Viva exams are always memorious..You can see a mix of emotions,millions of expressions flashing  on some faces(that includes the examiner :P) .There are instances when someone blurts out some funny answers that make the examiner go what the..and make besties go rolling on the floor laughing( ofcourse after stepping out of the exam hall). Some sensitive chaps may shed a tear or two so that examiners melts down a bit..Ofcourse there are some geeks who have answers to every twisty questions..and impress the examiner with witty answers.

The examiner for our first lab exam was a serious ,no-nonsense professor..It was impossible to read his mind from his face .At one moment we can see him smiling,the next he gives a stern, attitude look.Then came my turn of viva .With a mix of expressions on my face I sat  for the rapid fire round.I don’t know how I manage to get that humble,obedient student look. 😀

From  his face I knew that he would  ask some out of the box questions..so it was like this..

examiner : What is ….. ?

me : ……..?

(what the hell is that.. I am hearing it for the first time..)

Panic button strikes.OMG !!! I want to run away from here

examiner (with a victorious + mocking smile ..as if I am the dumbest person on earth) : How do you achieve……..?

(yippee I know the answer..finally!!!!)

me (opens my mouth to answer)

examiner interrupts ..

examiner: why……..?

me (thinking ..wait I know the answer)

He interrupts again, asks the next question(what is wrong with this man..he is not giving me a chance to answer). Then he asks some questions for  which I don’t have answers..and gives ample time..

examiner: what is………?

me(confidently answers) :………

wohooo.. I have answered atleast some  questions!!!

He gives a blank face..

examiner: really is that it ?are u sure?

me :yes sir…. (mumbles the same answer)

For the next few questions I had answers .some  answers were funny :)..some were correct for which the examiner gave the same blank ‘are u sure look’ ..

Towards the end

examiner: Tell me some commands you know,with their syntax?

me:…….blurts out all I have studied the previous night

At the end of the session..

examiner: You haven’t answered a single question I have asked!!

(what !!!!!!!!!!are you weak in maths? I answered a few  😦 )

He gives the same blank expression and calls the next candidate..me feeling relieved leaves the exam hall with a smile 🙂

All the while two of my friends were giggling at me …true friends they are!! Many a time I had to roll eyes at them..so that they would stop laughing  😀


4 thoughts on “But sir I knew the answer

  1. I was laughing at this!! when you describe the event I felt like a fast forward button has been pressed where in voice will be like a mickey mouse speaking! and when you blink some one have hit the play button 🙂 🙂 🙂 it happens in a viva! though we read and go, once the question is shootd how much ever we try to paint the white canvas, the opposite party pretends that he have a color blindness 🙂

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