After the exhausting practical exams I was returning home ..the love of home somehow lures me to travel hundreds of kms from college to home..even if there is just a day off. I can’t even imagine spending a holiday at the college hostel.

In the bus I sat near two old ladies,the one who sat near me was a healthy  strong  woman and the other  -all I noticed about her was her saggy cheeks and that she didn’t return the smile I gave her..

When the bus reached the next station, the woman next to me hurried out of the bus and annoyingly asked the other old lady to get off the bus quickly or else they would be late.Then she started shouting impatiently  from outside “Come   fast

The 2nd grandma got up from her seat and she stood there unable to move ..she was struggling to move her first I thought may be she didn’t have enough space to go I got up from my seat so that she could  comfortably walk through..

It was then I realized that she was a bit handicapped.The poor woman couldn’t even take a step.As usual,the reaction time of my  brain was very slow,so I just stood there staring at her confused(of which I feel guilty now). She stood there helplessly and in an embarrassed tone asked “kids..I cant move,can you people help me please

Two aunties came forward and tried to help her..even I tried but in vain.Then the conductor came.I thought he would now shout at the old lady(that’s what many of the conductors do here at my place) ,but this man proved me wrong.He was really patient with the granny,along with other aunties helped her .He almost lifted her to help her out of the bus.The other old lady was watching all these commotion impatiently from outside.Not even once did she try to help her friend/sis(whatever the relation was).

The helplessness and embarrassment I saw on her face..  still pricks hard on my heart…


2 thoughts on “Helpless

  1. People at times does this D!! They never know how to treat people! luckily that conductor is not a crack buster person! pray for the lady at least she must get this basic tendency after seein you ppl 🙂 🙂 🙂

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