It was another weekend .She walked in haste from the bus stop  to the tuition class.Her weekends were divided among different such tuition teachers as she was in the tenth grade .Being in tenth means coaching from school alone is not sufficient to get good grades .It was a norm to go to tuition in the 10th grade and she didn’t want to be an exception .She was rather a bright student and managed to get good marks without any external help.But when all her friends started joining classes ,she felt insecure and joined the classes though she knew it wasn’t really necessary for her.

She  knew that she would reach the class way too early. Being late for the class means she should sit in the front row near the teacher which she really hated..that is why she got out of the house early.The morning seemed unusually pleasant ,chirping of birds filled the air..Her hair played in the breeze,golden rays from the morning sun added a divine beauty to her face .She smiled at the municipal workers cleaning the road..there  was innocence in that smile and eyes…

She reached the corner of the street where the main road lead to a narrow lane.A bicycle bell rang continuously .Ignoring ,she made her way to the narrow lane,reciting the poem that the teacher had asked them to study.The lane was totally deserted ..there was no one at sight.Then suddenly she just froze . A man on the bicycle rode past her and groped her .It happened in flash of a second.

She just stood there shocked not knowing what to do,confused about what had just happened .She felt her head spinning .Her 14 yr old mind could not relate to what has just happened.Her feet refused to take any further step .She didn’t know how or what to react .When she regained her senses ,all she could do was to walk  as fast as her legs could take her to the classes.

Whenever she remembers the day 13th of feb,she feels the pain – pain as if someone had stabbed hard on her heart.Since then she has an unexplainable fear for the number 13.She believes that the number would bring her bad luck .The 14 yr old in her mind still refuses to trust any man.Never would she trust any man.She  views every single man on the earth with a suspicious eye. She believes  that the only man in the world who wouldn’t hurt her is her father.Everyone considers her as feminist,thinks she is arrogant .She fakes to be bold,but within she is the same 14yr old kid who  fears all men in the world…


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