Fathers day


Dear Dad.This is to say that   you are the best dad in this whole world..I am really blessed to have a father like you.I love you more than anyone in this world may be even   more than mom(sorry ma ;))

When the whole world was against me you stood by me,supported me…you always gave priority to my needs..I had even heard bro complaining that u love me more ..(hey that’s not true..bro always uses this statement sentence to win arguments 😉 )

I know that I  am a really bad daughter, never lived upto your expectations.. I always gave you constant worries..my head goes down with guilt at the very thought ..my heart skips a beat when I think that I was the reason behind your tears..sorry dad for being such a terrible daughter .You always loved me unconditionally.(I always wonder how you keep doing it) . You are my super hero my old man (I know how you hate it when i call you old ..and I myself fear  the fact that you are getting old) .. I promise you that from now on i will try my level best to live upto your expectations..You always make me feel like a princess …I love you so much 🙂

I know that I don’t need a particular day to remember you  but still ..Happy Fathers Day dad  🙂

Yours lovingly


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